Lunata Serum Gives Your Skin What It Has Been Missing!

lunata-eye-serum-bottle-3-242x300 Lunata Serum Gives Your Skin What It Has Been Missing!Lunata Serum Review

Get rid of wrinkles with the best skincare product you can find: The Luna Anti-wrinkle Serum. Packed with vitamins and collagen peptide makes the Anti-wrinkle serum an adequate, reliable remedy for you.

What’s the Science Behind the Lunata Serum?

Before looking at how the serum works, let’s examine how wrinkles develop. Your skin has three layers the dermis, epidermis, and subcutaneous layer. The subcutaneous layer has fat and tissues, and functions as an insulator against loss of heat, and forms the base of other layers. The fat acts a shock absorber, by providing a soft padding for bones and other organs.

Following the subcutaneous layer is the dermis layer. It’s the thickest layer of the skin and plays a role in the development of wrinkle. Fibroblasts produce collagen which is responsible for a firm, taut skin. In younger skin, the collagen is abundant and healthier than in the older skin. When the skin ages it exposed to harmful sun rays, collagenase, enzymes that lead to the breakdown of peptide bonds in collagen, are produced.

The breakdown of collagen leads to the skin losing its connective properties, and elastic properties. Aging and UV rays also lead to the thinning of the layer, and loss of fat in the subcutaneous layer. The result, wrinkles start forming, in addition to fine lines and creases. Your skin becomes more prone to damage and loses its youthful appeal.

So what makes Lunata Serum the solution?

Fear not, science has shown that delivery of collagen peptide to the dermis can lead to the regeneration of fibroblasts, a decrease of collagenase, and production of more collagen. Most cosmetic companies produce products with collagen peptides. However, the creams have large peptide molecules, too big for the fine pores of the skin to absorb. In this regard, there are ineffective and won’t give your skin the care it deserves.

You have a cure: the Lunata Serum breakthrough formula has made peptide molecules, small enough that the skin can absorb. The peptides adsorbed nourish the fibroblasts, and collagen production resumes. The following are benefits of having more collagen.

Vivalux_Skin_Care_how_does_it_work Lunata Serum Gives Your Skin What It Has Been Missing!

Benefits of the Lunata Serum

  • Hydration of the Skin: You skin need to remains moisturized to stay youthful and flexible. Active molecules in the serum help trap the moisture, this also prevents cracking.
  • Cleanses Dark Spots: This skin care product goes the extra mile and cleans darks spots under the eyes that develop due to lack of enough sleep.
  • Brightens Your Skin: Aging skin tends to look dull, packed with protective ingredients, it eliminates debris that discolors your skin.
  • Reduces Wrinkles: With healthier fibroblasts; your skin produces more collagen, making the skin firm and fuller.

Why Use the Lunata Serum Instead of Surgery?

Good question. Surgery to remove wrinkles is expensive, and very few people rely on surgery, the rest including celebrities, use Anti-wrinkle creams because they work. In just days you can start enjoying the benefits of the serum, and when your friends ask how your skin looks so youthful and radiant, don’t tell, and “make Lunata Serum your secret.”!

lunata-serum-trial Lunata Serum Gives Your Skin What It Has Been Missing!